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For Rangers relies on the passion and enthusiasm of our supporters to raise money to ensure we can support the Rangers. We love it when people come to us and say “I want to raise some money – what can I do?”


The funds you raise are always hugely appreciated, no matter how small. Every contribution makes a difference to the ranger projects we support in Africa. You can either join us on one of our adventures we have organised, or you can come up with your own mission and fundraise yourself.


If fundraising for For Rangers is something you would like to do, then please get in touch with us and we can support you on your mission!


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The Tembo Collection

The seven bracelets in the Tembo Collection, designed in collaboration with Auree Jewellery and The London Chatter (AKA Kelly Eastwood) raise awareness and funds for the Rangers on the front line of the battle to save Africa's elephants – 100% of the profits will be donated to For Rangers in conjunction with Tusk.


Inspired by traditional Maasai bead jewellery, each bracelet in the Tembo (Swahili for elephant) collection is textured to evoke this style and features an iconic tusk as a reminder of this important cause. The Satao and Pembe bracelets can be engraved for something truly personal.

If you'd like to support For Ranger's projects and adventures or to sponsor a particular aspect of their work, please do get in touch.