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Combatting the African poaching crisis, one step at a time.



Rangers have lost their lives since 2003, protecting what is left of Africa's wildlife 

For Rangers has raised over

US $1.5m

to protect Africa's wildlife


approximately elephant are killed by poachers every single day in Africa


life insurance policies have been issued to rangers since For Rangers began in 2015

Our Story

In conjunction with Save the Rhino, For Rangers are a dedicated group of individuals who are raising money for the welfare of rangers who risk their lives daily to protect Africa’s endangered species.

The Rangers

Over a thousand rangers have been killed in the line of duty since 2003.

For Rangers raises awareness and funds for the welfare of the rangers on the front line of the battle to save Africa's wildlife.

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For Rangers Ultra

A wild footrace in the home of long-distance running.

Travel through multiple conservancies teaming with wildlife and support the brave rangers who protect them. A 230km race split into 5 stages crossing five wildlife conservancies each of which has its own characteristic terrain from verdant grasslands to forest; the playground of East Africa’s iconic wildlife.

The Crisis

Elephant, Rhino and other species are under threat of extinction in our lifetime.


The recent demand for rhino horn and the resulting resurgence in poaching has reached catastrophic levels.

What we do

For Rangers undertake ultra-endurance events across the globe to raise funds and awareness for rangers welfare.

The next adventure...

ForRangers Gaucho Derby 2022

In 2022, the co-founder of ForRangers Sam Taylor, along with three others, will head to Patagonia to race in the Gaucho Derby, also known as The greatest test of horsemanship on earth.

The Gaucho Derby is a 10 day, 500km multi-horse adventure race, but not in the same way as the Mongol Derby. The race is broken down into 40km or less vetting legs. The high mountains are a test of skill, not flat out speed, so the horses won’t run out of steam. The flatter pampas sections will see the riders turning up the MPH to eat up the miles. For these sections, they will be swapping to fresh horses more regularly.

One mistake navigating could cost them the race with wilderness skills making all the difference as they camp out most nights. Racing hours are from 8am to 6pm, any penalties will be sat out in real time, and the winner will be the rider who crosses the line first.


The team hope to raise $120,000 to support life and health insurance, emergency rations and welfare support to over 2000 rangers across Africa. The effects of the Covid-19 pandemic continues to be felt. Rangers have seen jobs lost, resources slashed, and livelihoods destroyed. All the while, they remain steadfast in protecting what is left of our wilderness. They need our help. Please support them.


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Alternatively, you can call us on +254 712 244 924

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